Why Your Life Is A Failure, Why You Will Burn In The Lake Of Fire, And What YOU Can Do About It!!!

Hello there, I am Marc White, the CEO of R.E. White Consulting LLC located in Adairville Kentucky and I am a true, honest, genuine, holy, masculine, happy, solvent, balanced, forgiving, loving, grateful, intelligent, strong, courageous, dedicated, informed, free, MAN of God…sent by God and Jesus Christ into this awful hateful sinful world to TRY to help YOU and billions of people. How do I know this you may be asking? It’s in my heart that’s why, in our heart, the heart I gave to God and Jesus. God came to me and told me “Marc, forget about your life, your life is over now, I want you to give it up and work for me FULL TIME and I will provide EVERYTHING you need and want and desire” then He said “trust me Marc, give me faith, I got your back, you will not fall or fail, your on the right track, go now and walk the earth Marc and minister to those who are broken and lost and in need and suffering, I will give you the strength and courage to do this, and do it until you die”. A man in church yesterday shared we are supposed to “die to self every day” and he is exactly right, KILL YOURSELF emotionally and mentally and spiritually, the destructive sinful selfish side, and be reborn in Christ Jesus!!!

Look brothers and sisters, I can blog about anything here in this post. I can share about how last week was horrible as I watched a tree line near my land that gave us much privacy and was almost a quarter-mile long and was once part of my farm and was probably over 100 years old with 80 foot tall trees, be completely DESTROYED down to the dirt by a bulldozer without permission from the adjacent land owner (that is what I was told in person by him personally, and he is a friend of mine). I can share about how a female called the sheriff on me (Sheriff Wallace happens to be a friend of mine) for no reason while sitting in my own driveway (and no one tried to pull in or even gave a signal) and the sheriff came out and we had a great conversation and he told me personally to go file charges with the county attorney which I did do at his repeated request, then he and his deputies politely left and I continued sitting there watching traffic go by. I can share about how I feel like my own brother has never loved me completely and fully and how I feel the same way about my half-sister and how just because I now have good healthy boundaries and stand up for myself they don’t seem to like it. I can share about all kinds of worldly things and business and money and people and hate and anger and rage and greed and destruction BUT what I really want to talk to you about is God and Jesus see.

I am glad to be out of that last paragraph, just writing it made me feel toxic and sad. The truth is a lot of what happened last week is the same thing that happens EVERY week, IF WE ALLOW IT, and that is the world can SUCK us into it and destroy us. What is the world? Well, the world is NOT the Kingdom of God see, it is NOT here yet, and yes the bulldozers and buildings and workers and architects and lawyers and doctors and roads and cell phone towers and concrete and steel and hateful mothers and drunk husbands and hyper consumers and anyone who chases money for money’s sake and greed and pride and evil and sin WILL destroy not only the trees and mountains and farm land but also most of the planet and themselves eventually until Jesus returns in all His glory and then BOOM, time here will end!!! You and I can’t stop the destruction of the earth and sin and satan and his evil followers and I am not saying all the people involved last week were evil, some of them are and some of them are not, I know which one is which the problem is THEY don’t know it themselves if they are evil or not. This is the job of any and all men and women who profess to be Christians, the daily dying of self, and being reborn and living in Christ Jesus, can we do it is the question? Of course we can!!!

In order to die to self and give up our lives and work full-time for God and Jesus we need to STOP focusing on MONEY so much, the bible clearly states that the love of money is the root of ALL evil here on this planet!!! Your daily random Holy Bible Verse for the day, and I just now did that, I promise you this is the truth and I did not do it before I started this post, is Matthew 16:26 from Daily Verses .Net and I quote “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”. So THERE IT IS, this is GOD and JESUS, this is HOW they work!!! This is what I call a Christian Godly Synchronicity and it happens VERY often to me!!! That was NO accident, all things and people are connected, the person who ordered the destruction of that tree line was connected to those trees, and I am connected to him and the trees too, and when we realize this then things start to make a lot more sense. I don’t know a single stranger on this planet, everyone is my brother and sister, I don’t like the toxic ones and I will not tolerate their abuse but I do love them deeply and always will. I have so much love and forgiveness in my heart but it is sad to see the earth destroyed, if I could I would turn all of the planet into a great big organic garden free of sin and evil and hate but God will do it eventually and I am NOT Jesus or God so we will need to wait on that, lolol. He is the master planner!!!

We need to find peace in our hearts but we never can or will without this daily dying to self, unless we kill and destroy our own selfish desires we will die two deaths, one here on earth and another one on or after judgement day. Money is not my God and it should not be yours either, if you have too many pups sucking on one tit called your bank account or way of life then make some changes, it’s going to fall apart anyway so be proactive and drop the debt and big houses and fancy cars and pride and greed and cable bills and get real and right with God and Jesus. Go under the radar of evil and sin and death and people with the scarcity mentality and live below your means and be humble and meek and lowly and BROKE if necessary, Jesus and God will NEVER let you fall brothers and sisters, trust me and have faith, I am living proof of this!!! I have ZERO debt in my business and personal life, do you know how many times I have thought about going BACK into debt since I got free again, many many times but I have not and I have no reason to, I am perfectly comfortable the way I am living and stronger than I ever have been, I can do the mile in under 8 minutes but can you?!?! HAHAHA!!!! Just keep dreaming and trying grasshoppers and you MIGHT get there one day on your own, get with God and Jesus and you can get there NEXT WEEK!!!

Do you have any idea how many good strong men I meet and am around EVERY day that have been molded and shaped and obliterated and beat down by females who are greedy and power-hungry?? All day every day almost, unless I take time off and go sit in the country. Now I am not saying it is EVERY man I meet and talk to but the VAST majority are like whipped dogs with no home or food, and they crawled up on some mean ladies front porch and now she is throwing it crumbs and scraps of food. I don’t care if you are a professor at some fancy greedy sin filled university who thinks people respect you with your “higher education” as you churn out useless crap dictated by corporate America or you are a big farmer who bullies and spreads hate and lies and is greedy or you are a cheap wannabe cop security guard who bullies students or you are a bible reader who beats down a man who comes to apologize or you are a liberal who doesn’t care if the whole world gets drunk every night and smokes dope or you are a neighbor who never comes to say hello, doesn’t matter to me who you are if YOU live for money and not God and Jesus then you are destroying yourself!!! As a MAN it is YOUR job to stand against evil greedy females and keep them in check, if she is consumed with material things and won’t convert then DUMP her and MOVE ON!!! Do yourself a favor and WAKE UP, the writing is on the wall and in the HOLY BOOK OF GOD!!!

Your life is a complete failure because you claim it as YOUR life, can’t you see this you idiots???!!!??? REAL Christians DO NOT have “their life” anymore, we GIVE our lives up, we lay them at the cross just like Jesus took our sins, all of our sins, YOUR SINS, and laid them at the cross with His blood and death!!! Me, Marc White, I am a FAILURE, I am a complete LOSER, I am HATEFUL and mean, I am a drunk and a heathen, I am selfish and sinful, I am FULL of pride and greed…IF and WHEN I am in control and dictating MY life and try and take it back from God and Jesus, when I die to self every morning and let God and Jesus take control then I am a holy man of God and can be successful for the Kingdom. I don’t want MY life, I can’t cope with life as many of you are trying to live it, the sin kills my soul, I want and NEED the life Jesus wants me to live, the one God gives me, no matter how little or much I have to eat or own or spend. I have experienced REAL miracles of healing in my life, I have almost died MULTIPLE times and I am still here, God wants me to blog about Him, talk about Him, worship Him, read about Him in the bible, lecture about Him, share about Him, and help get ME and YOU to the Kingdom!!! How can I help you brothers and sisters to realize that Your life is killing you?? It is the life that God and Jesus have planned for us, when we abandon ourselves and stop being selfish, that will give us health and fitness and happiness and love and a little money and food and shelter here on this earth.

Don’t think we get a free pass because we don’t, Jesus says He will rebuke as many as He saves, that’s AT LEAST 50% right?? I tell you here and now, the Kingdom will NOT be full of billions of humans from earth, this is wrong information, it’s going to be one very exclusive place, reserved for those of us who work for God and Jesus and have a pure heart and die to self. Will we get into the Kingdom? Can we get in? How do we enter? Is there hope and a chance? What is the map? Where are the instructions? Well, they are in the BIBLE, this means yea YOU have to make a decision or you should choose to make one to STOP being such an EVIL hateful greedy human and stop chasing money!!!! We can replant tree lines yes and in 100 years they will be grown back again BUT they will NEVER be the same as they were and guess what YOU can replant yourself into the love of God and Jesus and YOU will never be the same either!!! Just like we need trees and birds and rabbits and hawks and snakes and foxes and deer and air and sunshine and dirt YOU and I both need SALVATION and ever lasting life or else we die the second death and get thrown into the lake of fire IF we don’t repent and STOP the destruction of the world and ourselves!!! We WILL burn in the lake of fire as outlined in the book of Revelation if we don’t stop destroying the earth and being greedy and being selfish!!!!

If you want freedom from financial slavery, if you are tired of too many pups sucking on one tit financially and watching your bank account shrink and driving yourself into the damn farm soil over money and breaking your back for no reason then get your head out of your rectum and START being a holy man or woman of God and go to work full-time for God and Jesus!!!! No you don’t have to quit your job today but hey maybe you should, perhaps skipping a few meals would do you some good, maybe your fat ass needs to shrink a little I don’t know but being grateful is a good thing. Fasting actually brings us closer to God and Jesus and love and peace and hope and faith. Are you mad yet? Are you offended? GREAT!!! You are in the right blog my dear friends because as a country we need to WAKE UP and start being good people and the only way that is possible is through Christ Jesus, He is our road to God, only through the blood of Christ are we saved!!! You can save yourself but only through Christ, and today you will either “Crown Him or Crucify Him”, what’s it going to be big bad tough men and women? You don’t like me? You hate me? You want to destroy me? You want to say hateful things to me? NO retard, you don’t like YOURSELF, you hate YOU, you are destroying YOU and your families and the world, don’t blame me, I am doing me darn best here to help you!!! Just because you got sucked into the American lie and the bankers and or your bully wife or your hateful boss got you pinned down don’t blame me, I am leading by example here as much as I can.

Don’t go into the lake of fire, save yourself by giving yourself and your life to Christ, He will give you a nice retirement just like He did me, I got mine when I was 30 years old but I have been working for Christ for a very long time see, He and God knew it would come to this, that I would give it ALL for them and work full-time for them!!!! We learned at Church yesterday that Pontius Pilate made 7 VERY bad mistakes when he killed the savior of the world, basically he did it because of his JOB as governor and his fear of losing it and his supposed power and fame and control and MONEY, but he ended up losing it anyway and becoming an alcoholic and financially ruined and wondering the streets of Rome and he eventually committed suicide. Are you a modern day Pilate? Are you killing Jesus today? Is money your God? Would you rather bulldoze a treeline for wheat and beans or save it and give life to animals and nature? Are you constructing buildings or promoting smaller spaces and living lighter on the land? Do you want to pave every darn inch of America and live on a slab of concrete or live in a garden with trees and some organic vegetables? Do you sit at a computer screen reading this post, getting money from your employer, never talking about God and Jesus so you can get ahead? Can’t you feel the life draining out of you? Can’t you see your own death and destruction that you are causing by being disconnected from your Lord who loves every hair on your precious head? STOP the madness and convert brothers and sisters and die to self and give up your life, sell it all if you want to or need to or are convicted to but DO IT NOW!!! If we die and perish before we convert and repent we could be in GREAT BIG TROUBLE with Jesus and God and your name may not be in the book of life, and I DO want to see you in Heaven one day, come on it’s going to be an eternity of happiness and fun!!!

I am going to go eat now, and drink water, and take care of me, if you read this and you live in Adairville Kentucky PLEASE stop me if I am out walking and tell me what you think and be polite and friendly, I would LOVE to get feedback from you, if it’s kind and Christian and friendly and constructive!!! Anything we do on our own, without God and Jesus at the center, is like a filthy dirty rag, it is unclean and not holy, it is destined for failure and destruction, every single time!!! Any business that is for profit and money only and that is the bottom line, it is the work of Lucifer and his evil angels and followers, Jesus and God are the top line and bottom line and side line and in EVERY tree line that is standing or is bulldozed and destroyed!!!!!!! Satan will not win this war, farmers who destroy the earth will not win, lawyers who work for money will not win, cops who just want a pay check will not win, professors who only profess the world will not win, hateful siblings will not win, mean neighbors will not win, when I am selfish I NEVER win!!! God made it all and He will destroy it all again, this time with fire and I don’t know about you but I don’t like burning my skin or watching things burn.

Have a great day and God bless you, thank you SO much for being here, I love all of you dearly no matter who you are, I forgive you, I want to live in a civil society and we have laws of men here, you break them and you will go to jail and you should, perhaps it will teach you to be a better person. I don’t own anything at all but I do have rights, God owns is all and He is my boss, mess with Him and you can’t win, repent now and give up your life and work for the Kingdom!!! Go in peace, happiness, love, devotion, selflessness, giving, community spirit, living on less, and being real men and women!!! Get some sunshine, read your food labels, drink that water, run those miles, walk on the grass barefooted, hug a friend, smile at everyone, wave and say hello, and if you want to move across the country or stay here and dig a hole and live in that!!! We need much less than we realize, a little food and shelter and clothing and heat and a bible is all that’s required, HAHAHAHA!!!! 🙂 P.S. A personal thank you to Sheriff Wallace for being so respectful and polite to me on my land, God bless you and thanks again, I hope your election turns out the way God wants all of it.


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