Destroy The Earth & We Go With It: Sick People Will Do Anything For Cash, The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil!!!

WARNING!!!! STAY OUT OF THIS POST IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE FEELINGS AND CAN’T COPE WITH REALITY!!!! If you are new here please do NOT judge me or this blog or my team members by this one post, I feel like crap and not afraid to admit it but I am sober from alcohol and drugs and greed. To our regular visitors who are kind and loving, gentle and strong, aware and open, lowly and meek, Christian and Godly, proactive and intelligent, principled and morally centered, a masculine man or a real supportive women, vegan and vegetarian or trying to be, living outside of the ghetto filled neighborhoods or want to, who love life and want to take care of the earth, who may be in financial slavery but want to get out, who stand up against whores and feminism and liberalism and toxic siblings and family members, who will walk away from jobs and careers that go against your principles and scruples, please forgive me for what I am about to write. TO ALL OF YOU GREEDY ASSHOLES OUT THERE WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY AND CONTROL AND POWER AND LOVE IT, KISS MY WHITE ASS AND I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL, OH WAIT A SECOND YOU ARE ALREADY THERE, BUT GOD IS MERCIFUL AND ONE DAY HE WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOUR WHOLE DAMNED FAMILIES IN THE LAKE OF FIRE AS OUTLINED IN REVELATION. HAVE FUN RIPPING YOUR OWN EYES OUT AS YOU WATCH EVERYONE YOU EVER LOVED BE BURNED TO DEATH!!!!

Well I do feel better now, I already prayed on my knees before I started this post so you do know that whatever was in that first paragraph was inspired by God in the Kingdom, I am breathing a little better. Now let’s get to the bible for some inspiration, and our KJV random bible quote from daily verses is 1 John 3:18 “My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth”. WOW!! This is no accident!! Let us love in deed and truth, very very good and so appropriate for this post. Do you fail to talk about God and Jesus to people and call yourself a Christian?? The reason why you do this is mostly because you are ashamed of Christ, and for that you are going down, me I don’t have that problem see because I am going up, and I talk about God and Jesus to as many who will listen every single day all day long. Mark 8:38 states “Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels”.

Lets keep these paragraphs contained why don’t we? I feel like I can’t type a single word but then I want to write a whole book, on how much I hate people who destroy the earth and God’s creation and His people and animals. The hate in me today is making me sick and I apologize, I feel like I just want to get some more sleep but I went to bed at around 9:30 and so those early hours before midnight got me out of bed around 2:00 AM, plus it is HOT now and I can’t sleep as well. I am not like many of you that come here (thank God) but there are others like myself who do visit, you see I don’t enjoy eating dead animals, it very literally hurts me very deeply to eat anything that has or had a life. I love life that much and I can NOT disconnect myself from a cow or chicken or bird or fish or pig and just eat it’s dead flesh, I am not that insensitive and disconnected anymore, I don’t have enough hate in me to do that to myself and little animals and other people and future generations and the earth. I feel like I need to go to the ER and ask for help, my lower back is KILLING me from pulling the muscles a couple of weeks ago, I have been so sick for about three weeks now and I hope that I have continued to let Jesus and God help as many people as possible through me and our ministry during this very difficult time. Yes there is some wild caught Salmon in my freezer right now, it has been there for a long time, I eat very very little meat or animal products. If and when I do eat it, I will give GREAT respect to it and pray to God to bless it and the life it cam from…like the Indians taught us to do.

The word hate, it is such a powerful word, and the word love, it means so much to so many, the problem is some people lie when they say they love you and I, you know who you are, you worthless scum, what you really love is money and yourself and supposed power and control. My God, forgive them for they know not what they do, Jesus taught us to say this because He said it, help us lead these lost sheep to you the father God, I have no power at all, and it is only you and your love Father that keep me alive and whole and sane and rational and healthy and free and working for you. I love God with all of my heart, my mind, my body, and my soul, and if you remember ANYTHING about Marc White after I am gone one day and sleeping as I wait for Christ to return please PLEASE let it be that!!! I am getting to where I HATE money I really do, yes I like to eat, I do enjoy staying warm, I want to have clothing on, I enjoy going to some places BUT I would rather die here and now than violate my biblical ethical natural principles that are outlined in the bible. I am feeling better as I type this but the 6 ounces of coffee I had was too strong and I feel a little jittery. I really can’t finish this post but I will try, I just don’t want to think and sit here, I just want to get some more sleep in some cooler temperatures, yea I am missing central heat and air right about now but THIS is part of my movement closer to God and Jesus, it is FULL of discomfort and hardships. YOU want “comfortable” and “nice”, take your granite counter tops and cram them!!!

You worthless greedy assholes who love money and drugs and alcohol and fame, yea I am talking to YOU, the ones who KILL cows and pigs and turkeys in factory farms and on feed lots, the ones who destroy trees with clear cutting and tree line removal, the ones with death filled chicken houses, the ones who want to pave every square inch of the country, the ones who profess at universities to be helping students when you are assisting corporate America with slavery, the ones who wear security uniforms and lie and cheat, the ones who are cops that are crooked and think you own the world, the ones who spray the fields and use roundup ready seed, the ones who talk about how no one has any money and have a scarcity mentality, the ones who build damns and roads and bridges that aren’t needed, the ones who bow down to mean hateful so called women, the ones who ARE mean disrespectful so called women, the ones who bully and control and manipulate and offer to buy land when you know it’s not for sale, the ones who try and run people off their land, the ones who tailgate and use loud pipes on their punk ass trucks with dark tinted windows, the ones who con and use and cheat, the ones who ignore their neighbors and don’t love them, the ones who beat on little children, the ones who disrespect good honest hard working Christians, and many many more of you…YOU will pay to the creator of the universe one day, all things are connected, you are killing yourselves and your families…please STOP and think about what you are doing!!!! PLEASE!!!

The American Indian nations were NOT savages, not even close you hateful retarded ignorant evil assholes. They were mostly living in harmony with nature and they TRIED like heck to get us to listen to them as we killed and slaughtered them. How many of YOU reading this grew up holding the hand of a farmer who walked across the land of an ancient hunting ground looking for arrowheads left by the people who were here first? Well I did, and although Mr. Sam made a million mistakes just like all of us do, he was a good man in many respects and taught me some extremely important things, and now I am TRYING to give those to you here in these posts. TAKE CARE OF THE EARTH, this was the message of the “savages” that we killed off, wow what a terrible message…no not at all, WE are the terrible people, YOU are the terrible person perhaps, ME I am TRYING to go the other way as I pass your decension into hell and destruction and self obliteration. Gosh at this point even I want to go live in a hut or tipi and find an Indian wife, it would be better than staying here and dying with the majority of you sick greedy assholes that worship money and the things you get with it.

No I am NOT afraid of what any of you can do to me, even if you DID take my life from me here on earth right now, you can’t kill my soul or stop the people who are working hard to help the earth and all people and all animals. I believe in FREEDOM and that is WHY I have so much of it!!!!!! I SERVED in the MILITARY for YOUR freedom in THIS country asshole!!! I was willing to DIE so YOU can take a dump and eat and sleep and BE, so please STOP treating me like DIRT and disrespecting ME and my family and my mom and my team and my people!!!! I get part of “my” money from ALL of you so IF you treat me bad then you are bat crap crazy because WHY would you support me AND disrespect me at the same time??!!?? I realize this is hard for many of you who are consumed with evil and lust and desire and fame and the love of money BUT turn AWAY from your evil life and turn towards God and Jesus and living simply and lowly and naturally, there is hope for you and I will never give up on you but you need to choose to work WITH me and my team and Sabbath keeping Christians on Saturday and God and Jesus and natural law. This is not complicated, we GIVE, that’s what we do, and we STOP killing all animals and the planet and using hateful looks and hand signals and the love of money to kill each other. I know you want me to hate with you but I can’t anymore, your hate is draining the hate from me, I only have strength for God and Jesus now and all that hate is making me sick and it is you too, you just don’t know it!!!

Satan is real, he is Lucifer, the most powerful angel God ever created, and God will KILL him and you also, if you don’t repent and STOP killing yourself and the earth and people and animals. What can I do? How can I help? I am NOT an evil man, I don’t want harm to come to anyone, I truly love all people and animals and hey yea I even love trees and dirt and flowers, oh I know you will call me many names but go ahead…you can’t stop me from blogging unless you murder me, and that may not be an easy task if that is your goal. There is a bubble of protection around me now and there always has been, it’s called the Hand of God and He is in charge buddy, mess with me and you mess with Him, I highly recommend you don’t do that. What I do suggest is that YOU come to your senses and STOP the way you are living, and I have outlined how to do that in over 100 posts on this site, God and Jesus outlined it for all of us through me, call me what you want but it’s the truth. Now it’s 4:14 AM and there has been thunder outside as I wrote this paragraph, The Man is here, the Big Boss is listening, I am feeling stronger, His power is flowing in, I still feel sick but am getting better, Satan and you evil followers don’t stand a chance, I am dumping all your hate right back onto this keyboard, you will destroy yourselves eventually and Jesus will come back and then we will have a new Heaven and a new Earth with new trees and perfect people who don’t destroy…too bad more than half of you reading this may not be there!!!

If you have a “job” and your job destroys the earth and you love life then guess what, you are an ignorant asshole and lost. NO we can’t run the whole country as a hospital so you greedy evil sinners can get more money and “live” or a damn IT department, we ALL need to get back to some clean basic living with MUCH less consumption and spending and pollution. I now hear it raining but no amount of water can put out the fire in my heart, the one that is BURNING to help God and Jesus lead all of YOU to the Kingdom, and to see you GROW instead of DIE and be in pain and suffer. My retirement from the military is based on FREEDOM for America and ALL people ever born here or that will be born here, it is NOT based on me wanting YOU to destroy ME or my family or yourself or YOUR family or animals or the earth. I want LIFE and freedom for all people of the world, I can’t give it but I can blog about it, only God and Jesus can set us free from this hell bound earth with satan here but one day it’s going to change…question is are YOU ready??? Are you ready to meet your maker….here comes more thunder outside, God is talking, we better listen had we not?? Mother Earth is NOT evil, evil was put here in satan and his evil followers and angels and spirits, we will CRUSH you satan don’t doubt it, YOU are going DOWN!!! Our lives are an example, we are part of the great controversy and experiment of the universe, are you winning or failing for Christ today brothers and sisters?? THAT is the MAIN question!!!!

Don’t you think we can see through you?? Don’t you even realize how transparent you truly are? You can’t hide from us or God and Jesus!!! Looking at YOU is like seeing through a glass jar, a VERY empty jar, and YOU are filling it up with YOU and your hate and greed and evil, that is the PROBLEM!!! You wear your tells like a rookie card player, and you are going bust as I speak, your gambling with your salvation and death awaits you on judgment day. I know you come her and read these posts, I know some of you are from the local police department and city hall, county law enforcement, the state police, and from the federal government…and you know I know who you are, in Washington D.C. and other places and offices. You remember me right? How can you forget me? We have an agreement, many of them in fact, and I am keeping up my end of it but are you? Many of you are in VERY “powerful” positions and are my friends and you help me and I truly do appreciate it, we ARE changing the lives of people for God and Jesus so thank you brothers and sisters, I know you got my back and I thank you. There are many of you who stand against me BUT you are out numbered, your efforts are futile and eventually you will lose, not only your elections and supposed power but also your income and ability to maintain your current “lifestyle” and families. Our international friends and families are here too and welcome, you are allies of the United States of America and together we WILL win the wars on our country and people, don’t ever doubt it at all!!!

The love of money is the ROOT of ALL evil, and you top 1%ers who come here and those who worship them or want to be one, your sick and yes most of the time I do HATE you but I get tired of the hate, your just pathetic and lost, your just sick and twisted, your greed is consuming you and you are so far away from Henry David Thoreau and or the bible that you may NEVER come back to reality or a natural way of living. Wall Mart is like being in pure hell, how I wish I was back in Northern California or ANYWHERE but in your stores, the death of the mom and pop is killing us all, and I can hear the beeps of your satanic check out lines in my sleep!!! DAMN YOU!!! I want to SELL it ALL except the land, YOU WILL NOT GET THAT in my lifetime, I am keeping it just be a thorn in your side and in the side of people who want to take it from me and use it to grow corn and beans on AND I will buy more!!!! HAHAHAH!!!! You can’t gobble up every square inch, NOT while THIS free man is alive and breathing and guess what, I am going to set up a trust to KEEP it out of your hands!!! I am also going to start working with other people and farmers to PLANT TREES and I am going to plant as MANY as I can on my land, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Now take that and shove it where the sun don’t shine you greedy ASSHOLES!!! You MIGHT keep destroying all of south Logan county Kentucky BUT you can’t kill me just yet and you can’t kill people who love and help animals and people and the earth!!!!

You sit at your pathetic desks and try to “build” structures and society, it is crumbling faster than you can build or maintain it, your worth nothing unless you stop and repent and ask Jesus to forgive you. You are lost, in darkness and greed, dying in selfishness and hate, and one day you will regret what you do to the earth. All that many of you care about is MONEY, YOU ARE SICK!!! I hope you DO go hungry and cold and naked, it would do some of you GOOD!!! So the world is filling up with people? Can we not find a way to live in more harmony? Can we tread more lightly on the earth? Can we lower our carbon footprints? Can we consume less? Can we treat the animals better? Can we love dogs and cats like we should cows and chickens and turkeys? Can we read our bibles? Can we forgive one another? Can we stop the bullying and bulldozers for a while? Can we respect boundaries? Can we develop new and healthier habits? Can we stand to be alone sometimes? Can we ditch the evil corporate lifestyle? Can we put our treasures in heaven? Can we give to those in need? Can we rebuke the money chasers? Can we say no to hateful controlling females and bully tattooed males? Can we give up the cigarettes and booze and marijuana? Can we start something new? Can we blog and be here for one another? Can we pray on our knees? Can we seek a higher power? Can we let God be God? Sure we can, if we work together!!!!!

I love ALL of you, mean or nice, I do love you. Just keep coming back and please leave us a comment!! Stop chasing money for a week and see if your life does not get better. Cut back on the meat and animal products and get closer to God and Jesus. Come visit us at a Saturday Sabbath keeping church and meet some amazing people. Read your food labels and care. Respect veterans and help us. We were not put here to worship ourselves or money, we are here to glorify God and His work, and He put the flowers and trees and animals here, NOT you are me or mankind, we did NOT build the earth but we are destroying it!!!! Oh I know you think this post is about you and maybe it is and maybe it is not, that’s for YOU to figure out. You can take it personal and many of you should. Have a great day and God bless all of you, I hope you can find a more simple way of living today, take time to just BE. The earth will destroy its self, we can’t stop it but we can helps slow the process so our grandchildren don’t need to live on Mars or drink sludge from rivers. Now I am going to get dressed in work clothing and go to the farm and out in the country even if south Logan is becoming a toxic waste land due to large agribusiness and rivers of cow manure for another damn hamburger!!! Have a great day, I guarantee mine will be better than yours!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Peace, love, light, and joy from Adairville and possibly Montana or somewhere out west or up in the mountains VERY soon!!!! Oh but I may be here, part time job is being a thorn in the side of those who want to destroy me!!! LOLOL!!!


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