R.E. White Consulting LLC, an organization where the words integrity, honesty, and commitment have been redefined for one purpose and that is to elevate the quality of life for each and every client and consultant we do business with.


R.E. White Consulting’s input and direction was instrumental in obtaining our objectives on a very large project. We plan on utilizing their services again in the near future and highly recommend the firm.

Eric Koehne, J & J Farms

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Jane Doe, Miss Doe Company LLC

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Jack Doe, The Best Company LLC

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Dave Smith, Smith & Company

Who We Are

We are a highly skilled elite team of independent contractors that collaborate and network together in order to bring you and or your business unparalleled attention and service. We are extremely focused on what we do whether it’s building a new computer network, coordinating a million dollar event, or assisting your family with a cross country move. Most of our consultants hold degrees in their field or certification and we bring a combined total of more than 100 years of business experience to the table with proven results we know you will find impressive. Our team is bringing back the work ethic that helped make America one of the greatest nations on earth and you can rest assured that when you hire us the project will be seen through to completion. You can also follow us on Instagram!!!

What We Do

Although information technology drives the core platform of our organization and is the engine behind the scenes, we proudly offer a wide variety of services to carefully chosen clients. At the beginning and end of each day the hero is you, our client, and we want you to know this…

Information Technology
Business Development
Personal Development
Event Planning
Real Estate

Meet Our Team

The Late Minister Richard Erskin (R.E.) White
The Late Minister Richard Erskin (R.E.) White
Marc White MCP USN-RET
Marc White MCP USN-RETCEO - Consultant
Jennifer Tomlin
Jennifer TomlinLead Assistant - CEPO
Gary Bell
Gary BellCTO - Consultant
Reuben Titus
Reuben TitusConsultant
Daniel Titus
Daniel TitusConsultant
Michael Dimmick
Michael DimmickConsultant
Joann White
Joann WhiteAccounting / Billing / Scheduling