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We are currently redeveloping the main or “Welcome” page here on the site, below you will find the most recent posts, COVID-19 Virus Pandemic information and precautions, and also our standard front page data that has been here for months now. Visitors may notice much of the website is more static / text based instead of utilizing quick disorienting sliders, dizzying blinking menus, countless flashing ads, ear cracking unexpected audio, and pathetic self playing mainstream media videos. There is no begging for you to sign up for a monthly subscription here, no annoying pop ups, no forcing you to create an account, no cookies to click away, no hateful bullying comments section, and no demanding of your private email. We respect your peace, your time, and your mental clarity. Thank you for understanding, it should look different over the course of the next few days. We hope you and all of your family members are healthy and safe! MW CEO


R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. is a US based nationwide information technology / skilled & manual labor / business networking company. Our goal for each and every client is to always be respectful, polite, and genuine. As a team we utilize the most advanced highly technical methods to analyze computer, network, and website usability, functionality, and speed for various clients. We operate mostly via written legally binding contracts in our six divisions of service: Information Technology, Event Planning, Real Estate, Business Development, Personal Development, and Expedited Moving. Our labor and contract billing rates vary depending on urgency, complexity, skill level, hazardous conditions, and technical needs, typically these charges are between $10.00 and $500.00 an hour. We gladly bill to the minute, will provide highly detailed intricately tracked billing if required, and charge for every single minute of our time in quarter hour increments once contract has been signed by all parties involved. Our promise is to never tell our clients we are “busy” or “no problem”, we can either take on your project or we can’t at the time of your request, just because we may not qualify to help you currently, we may be able to in the future. Our team members get paid, and our clients save and make vast profits for their teams, stockholders, and families. As a side note, please treat and communicate with all of our team members, virtual assistants, and clients you may eventually network with, with the utmost respect, dignity, and professionalism, this is extremely important to me personally, any violation of this request is strictly against our terms of use and company policies and may void any contractual agreement you have signed with us. Thank you so much for considering R.E. White Consulting L.L.C. for your various needs, we wish you continued prosperity and success in all your endeavors. Marc W. White CEO My SS Time Sheet Click Here.

Public Announcement: we are in the process of hiring sub contractors, positions available include: Camp Cook – extremely important position, this person will cook 1 meal per day out on the ranch, possibly on a camp stove or maybe in a kitchen, for 1 to 3 people, maybe more on certain days. Tree Feller – will cut small to large trees, some from the top down, felled and bucked, experience and own tools required, bonus for bucket truck. General Laborer – pick up limbs and firewood and junk, load trucks, unload into burn & dump piles. Virtual Assistant – very important position, responsibilities include phone calls, text messages, emails, letters, website updates, placing ads, scheduling, etc. We are placing this message here temporarily, thank you so very much, be sure to tell a friend because we pay for referrals, have a nice day. 270-847-2955

Greetings from the largest consulting firm in town & The Triple J Round Rock Ranch here in beautiful Logan County Kentucky! R.E. White Consulting, an organization where the words integrity, honesty, & commitment have been redefined for one purpose, to elevate the quality of life for each client, consultant, and contractor we do business with. Our promise is to never tell you we are “busy”, we can either take on your project or we can’t, its that simple. We are veteran owned & operated, a christian based business, plus 5% of all profit goes to charity. We contract with self employed veterans, elderly individuals, and those with disabilities!!

We believe in yes mam’m, yes sir, please, thank you, your welcome! You won’t find us on any social media, only this website, we don’t condone free data work, and gladly bill to the minute. Take a moment to learn about The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion!! Study and read our various Future Projects, intriguing Current Projects, wrapped up Completed Projects, inspirational Articles, news concerning Our Business, goings on at Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, or get our posts all in one place!! Pinch and zoom our site or images from your mobile device. The main menu is in the upper right of your screen, at the bottom of each page, or click our site name at the top to return here. We offer no pop ups, no ads, no comments, no cookies, no email address request, no sluggishness, and no disrespect!!

If you are out in our neck of the woods near the historic Triple J Round Rock Ranch, or wish to escape the city for a while and need an excuse, stop in and say hey or schedule with us. We will be glad to introduce you to one of our cherished beloved mascots Schwarzkopf the Mule for a petting session (please bring proper footwear if you plan to volunteer with manure duty, lolol), do some jawing about local happennings on the front porch of The Big House in the rocking chairs, or perhaps go for a hike on the property down at the creek to visit Heart To Heart or search for ancient artifacts!!

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