R.E. White Consulting LLC, an organization where the words integrity, honesty, and commitment have been redefined for one purpose and that is to elevate the quality of life for each and every client and consultant we do business with. In a world where bigger and faster seems to be the norm, we take a unique approach by operating a smaller tighter organization and slowing down in order to service our specifically chosen clients with the utmost care and consideration. Money and profit is not our bottom line we guarantee you that. Please visit our extremely popular Blog or read About Our Blog and be sure to leave us a comment. Over 20 videos, 106 friends & followers (all platforms), 180 posts & pages (this site), 21400 visitors, 68000 page views, and 313890 typed words (697, font size 12, single spaced pages) since November 3rd 2017 all to the glory of God and Jesus Christ!!!

Who We Are

We are a highly skilled elite team of independent contractors that collaborate and network together in order to bring you and or your business unparalleled attention and service. We are extremely focused on what we do whether it’s building a new computer network, coordinating a million dollar event, or assisting your family with a cross country move. Most of our consultants hold degrees in their field or certification and we bring a combined total of more than 100 years of business experience to the table with proven results we know you will find impressive. Our team is bringing back the work ethic that helped make America one of the greatest nations on earth and you can rest assured that when you hire us the project will be seen through to completion. You can also follow us on Twitter !

What We Do

Although Information Technology drives the core platform of our organization and is the engine behind the scenes, we proudly offer a wide variety of services to carefully chosen clients. Additionally, we coordinate large events in our Event Planning Division, assist in Real Estate and Renovations, help with Business Development, promote Personal Development, and much more. Please see our “Services” pages with links to specific information that will assist you in making what could be a very critical decision for your life and or business. We value your time, energy, and reputation and guarantee you will not be disappointed with our level of professionalism, respect, and dignity we provide and you know you have earned. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and like our posts.



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Causes We Support

While each and every one of our consultants has their own individual viewpoints on various ethical matters and opinions, as a group we share many philosophies with much common moral ground. We believe in just being good people and it’s that simple so we do this through our flow of communication, being friendly as well as polite, showing respect and consideration, and understanding that all people are sensitive and have various needs to be validated and understood the right way. Many of our consultants support a number of worthwhile causes such as: veganism or vegetarianism, animal rights and shelters, health and fitness, community and giving back, green living and recycling, organic gardening and homesteading, low consumption and living debt free, small carbon footprints, and much more. We don’t believe in double standards, over billing our clients, or unethical behavior.