Greetings from the largest consulting firm in town & The Triple J Round Rock Ranch here in beautiful Logan County Kentucky! R.E. White Consulting, an organization where the words integrity, honesty, & commitment have been redefined for one purpose, to elevate the quality of life for each client, consultant, and contractor we do business with. Our promise is to never tell you we are “busy”, we can either take on your project or we can’t, its that simple. We are veteran owned & operated, a christian based business, plus 5% of all profit goes to charity. We contract with self employed veterans, elderly individuals, and those with disabilities!!

We believe in yes mam’m, yes sir, please, thank you, your welcome! You won’t find us on any social media, only this website, we don’t condone free data work, and gladly bill to the minute. Take a moment to learn about The Triple J Round Rock Ranch Frontier Adventure Excursion!! Study and read our various Future Projects, intriguing Current Projects, wrapped up Completed Projects, inspirational Articles, news concerning Our Business, goings on at Heart To Heart Animal Sanctuary, or get our posts all in one place!! Pinch and zoom our site or images from your mobile device. The main menu is in the upper right of your screen, at the bottom of each page, or click a business card to return here. We offer no pop ups, no ads, no comments, no cookies, no sluggishness, and no disrespect!!

If you are out in our neck of the woods near the historic Triple J Round Rock Ranch, or wish to escape the city for a while and need an excuse, stop in and say hey or schedule with us. We will be glad to introduce you to one of our cherished beloved mascots Schwarzkopf the Mule for a petting session (please bring proper footwear if you plan to volunteer with manure duty, lolol), do some jawing about local happennings on the front porch of The Big House in the rocking chairs, or perhaps go for a hike on the property down at the creek to visit Heart To Heart or search for ancient artifacts!!

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